Train driver threatened by 18 year old Sleaford youth

An 18 year old Sleaford youth who threatened a train driver at the town's railway station, has been ordered by magistrates to pay him £300 in compensation.
Sleaford railway station. EMN-180720-132011001Sleaford railway station. EMN-180720-132011001
Sleaford railway station. EMN-180720-132011001

Connor Peter Robson of Cygnet Close, admitted using threatening and abusive words and behaviour towards train driver Jonathan Haile when he appeared at Boston Magistrates Court on Wednesday.

Prosecuting, Ruth Snodin said that during the evening of April 13, a group of youths, including Robson, were drinking alcohol on Sleaford Railway Station, even though they were not travelling.

She said a train driven by Mr Haile arrived and he saw two of the youths urinating next to a ticket vending machine.

Boston Magistrates' CourtBoston Magistrates' Court
Boston Magistrates' Court

She said one of the youths came across to Mr Haile and apologised and he explained to him the dangers of drinking alcohol on a station platform, but Robson came over and said to Mr Haile: “If you step out onto this platform, I’m going to put you out” and threw the contents of his drink towards him.

Ms Snodin said others tried to pull Robson away but he attempted to kick and punch and threaten Mr Haile, who got back onto the train.

Robson continued to try and get on the train and Mr Haile was afraid for his safety, said Ms Snodin.

Ms Snodin said Robson later told police the driver had been ‘lipping him’ and said he had been drinking coke and alcohol and admitted throwing the contents of his cup down although he said it was not at the driver.

The court heard that Robson was subject to a suspended prison sentence imposed for robbery at Lincoln Crown Court in June, after the date of this offence.

In mitigation, Sonya Bhalla said Robson’s actions had been ‘ridiculous, pathetic and totally unnecessary’ and that he was ‘extremely regretful’ of his actions.

The magistrates imposed a two year conditional discharge and ordered Robson to pay Mr Haile £300 in compensation.

He was also ordered to pay £85 in court costs.