UPDATE: More roads flooded as heavy rain continues across county

Lincolnshire Police are warning motorists to take care as heavy rain continues to disrupt the county’s roads.

Lincolnshire Police is warning motorists to take care on the roads following the heavy rain. ANL-191106-110625001

More roads are now flooded or impassable. Here are some you may wish to avoid:

Vicarage Lane, Wainfleet St.Mary, Skeg - road badly flooded

Main Street, Ashby-by-Partney, near Holton Road - road badly flooded

B1195, Main Street, Great Steeping, Spilsby, at the bend with Old Church Lane and Sandy Lane - road badly flooded

Harrowby Road, Grantham - Telegraph wire down near junction of Beacon Lane

Harrington Road, Hagworthingham, Spilsby - river has burst its bank and flooded the road

A1104, Station Road, Alford - tree blocking the road

A1155, Main Road, Revesby, Boston - road flooded

B1195, Main Road, Lusby, on the road to Lusby from Horncastle - road badly flooded

Belton Park Road, Skegness - road badly flooded

Road disruptions in Lincs due to heavy rain (situation at 11am):

Aswardby, Spilsby – at the junction of Langton and Sutterby - road impassable

Hagnaby Road, Old Bolingbroke, Spilsby – road impassable

B1203, Bully Hill Top, Tealby – road badly flooded

B1178, Station Road, Potterhanworth, Lincoln – road badly flooded

Raithby Hall, Raithby, Spilsby – Road badly flooded

Freiston Road, Boston – road badly flooded

Malting Lane, Donington, Spalding – road badly flooded

Partney Road, Sausthorpe, Spilsby – fallen tree blocking carriageway

A158, Main Road, Hagworthingham, Spilsby – tree blocking road

Edinburgh Walk, Holbeach – road closed at Fleet Street, and road badly flooded at Park Lane

Banks Street, Horncastle – road badly flooded

B1203, Bully Hill Top, Tealby – road badly flooded between Tealby and Kirmond Le Mire

Milestone Road, Bourne – road badly flooded at A15, Thurlby, near and on the A15/A151 roundabout

Raithby Hall, Raithby – road badly damaged

Mareham Lane, Spanby – junction with A52 badly flooded

A157, Main Road, South Reston, Louth – road impassable on bend with Scrub Lane

Hagnaby Road, Old Bolingbroke – road impassable

The Grove, Mavis Enderby – road badly flooded

Rookery Lane, Lincoln – road badly flooded

Somerton Gate lane, Waddington – tree blocking the road

B1178, Station Road, Potterhanworth – road impassable at Railway Bridge

Somerton Gate Lane, Waddington – tree obstructing the road

B1225, High Street, Ranby – partially fallen tree blocking the road

Station Road, Tetney – large tree blocking both lanes

Blackwell Row, Roughton Road, Kirkby-on-Bain – road badly flooded

A1 Southbound at Long Bennington – road badly flooded in lane one

High Street, great Sturton, Horncastle – tree blocking road near Great Sturton turn off

Gunby Road, Candlesby – road badly flooded

Lenton Way, Frampton – big tree obstructing the road

A156, Main Street, Torksey – badly flooded at Torksey lock bridge

West Street, Boston – road badly flooded

Waterloo Road, Mablethorpe – tree down on both lanes near Repton Road

A631, Lincoln Road, South Elkington, Louth – road is badly flooded and closed from A16 roundabout

A631, Magna Mile, Ludford – tree down across East bound carriageway

Wigtoft Road, Sutterton – road badly flooded

Dalbyside, Langton, Spilsby – tree down

A1028, Roman Road, Skendleby - tree down at Skendleby crossroads

A1028, Main Road, Ulceby, Alford – road blocked by tree

A52, Bicker Road, Donington – tree blocking road one mile from Donington

A52, Horbling – tree down heading into Donington eastbound