Vehicle blocking tracks halts trains between Sleaford and Boston

Rail services between Sleaford and Boston have been halted this morning (Friday) due to a vehicle blocking the tracks.

According to East Midlands Railway, its train services 9already being disrupted by Storm Eunice) have been paused as the line is closed until 9.50pm between Nottingham and Skegness.

In a statement they said a road vehicle was blocking the railway near Sleaford between Sleaford and Boston disrupting trains for the last two hours on the Nottingham/Skegness route.

A Lincolnshire Police spokesman added: “We received a call at 5.44am today (February 18), reporting that a Ford Fiesta car was on the railway track at Kirkby-la-Thorpe.

“It is believed that a local farmer helped to tow the vehicle off the tracks at around 6am.

“No injuries were reported.”

A Network Rail spokesman added: "In terms of the rail infrastructure – this has been checked by our staff and found to be sound."

EMR stated: "Our services between Nottingham and Skegness will be suspended until 9.50am.

Trains were halted between Sleaford and Boston due to a vehicle blocking the tracks near Sleaford this morning (Friday).

"The first train to depart Nottingham will be the 9.50am Nottingham to Skegness.

"The first train to depart Skegness will be the 12.50pm Skegness to Nottingham.

"All amended journey times will be processed in online journey planners.

"Due to the forecast high winds we have issued a do not travel message today. If you can, use your tickets to make your journey Saturday , Sunday and Monday.

For more information about Storm Eunice please visit your overall journey has been delayed over 15 minutes you may be entitled to claim compensation, full details of how to claim can be found at:

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