Tributes flood in after Louth youth workers retire

Fond memories have flooded in from former youngsters after it was revealed that two long-serving stalwarts of the Louth 13+ Project were retiring from their roles.

Bob Jenkins and Brenda Maltby.

As reported last week, Bob Jenkins and Brenda Maltby retired on April 28, after each being involved with the project for over 30 years.

Since then, dozens of our readers have written in to share their fond memories of Bob and Brenda.

Ema Leese said: “I remember when I first met them. I was 14 years old, and they were so welcoming.

“Bob suggested I try to play the drums, which I did. We started a little band going after that and they kick-started my love for music.

“I went on to do a first diploma in music performance, and a national diploma in music technology.

“I was a really shy kid and they both helped me come out of my shell. Thanks Brenda and Bob - I hope you both enjoy your retirement.”

Ellie-Jo Lovesey said: “I think there are too many memories for me to pick from!

“Bob taught me all sorts and made me laugh, and Brenda made my time enjoyable and made me feel like I fitted in,

“If it wasn’t for Brenda and the youth club, I wouldn’t be the person I am now.”

Michelle Addison said: “A huge loss for the youth of Louth. Two very amazing youth workers. They set many rough teenagers on the right path!”

David Higgs said: “Both are awesome and have done so much for the local kids”.

Ian Chatterton added: “Two great youth workers. Happy retirement to you both.”