Tuxford: Jewellery and safe containing cash stolen in noon raid

Intruders forced their way into a property and took jewellery and a safe containing cash in the middle of broad daylight.


It happened on Monday 2nd June at a house in Lincoln Road, Tuxford.

Despite this, break-ins for gold jewellery have decreased since an early spate at the start of the year.

But Police are still warning residents to bolster the security of their homes.

Detective Inspector Kev Broadhead said: “Since the burglaries at the beginning of the year we have directed high visibility and plain clothed foot and vehicle patrols, as well as employed automatic number plate recognition to keep an eye on the movement of suspect vehicles.”

“There have also been a number of significant arrests made across the region. As a result we have seen a decrease in this type of crime and in recent months.”

“We are not being complacent and as we ask you to bolster your security. We will be bolstering our activity around this type of crime.”

“The best advice I can give is to keep your special pieces away from your home, such as in a security box at the bank, if possible. The inconvenience this causes is nothing compared to the distress brought by your jewellery being stolen.”

“Whether you are out or at home, always lock the doors of your house. Do not leave windows open in unattended rooms.”

“When you are not wearing your jewellery keep it somewhere safe and out of sight. Invest in a lockable, concealed safe for your home and use it. Otherwise hire a security box.“

“Make sure you insure your jewellery or check your policy is up-to-date.“

“Take photographs of your pieces and upload them to www.immobilise.com so if they are lost or stolen, you stand a better chance of getting them back. Security mark them with methods such as SmartWater or SelectaDNA. Contact your local policing team for more information or visit the Force’s website.”

“Be discreet with your jewellery in crowded, public places. Don’t make yourself a target for an opportunist thief.”

If you suspect someone of being involved with stolen jewellery contact police on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.