Twin sisters from Louth and Saltfleetby celebrate their 90th birthday

There is not a closer bond than celebrating a special birthday with your sibling - especially when you are identical twins and have reached the milestone of 90!

Twins Sheila Taylor and Barbara Cooke who celebrated their 90th birthday.

Twin sisters Sheila Taylor, from Saltfleetby, and Barbara Cooke, from Louth, recently celebrated their 90th birthday.

The pair were born in Grimoldby’s Old School House in 1926. Their father was headmaster at the time.

Both Sheila and Barbara have lived in the locally for most of their lives.

Sheila’s son, Alastair Taylor, explained that his mum and aunt wanted a quiet birthday celebration.

However, he told The Leader their 90th milestone was one to celebrate.

And, Alistair offered an insight into the close bond between Sheila and Barbara.

He said: “My mum and aunt both really enjoyed their birthday celebrations.

“We had a party in each of their homes and they were surrounded by their family and friends.

“They didn’t want a big fuss but it would be wrong not to celebrate . I think it’s quite an achievement - by any measure.

“I don’t believe there are many sets of twins who reach such an age.”

When the pair were growing up, Sheila started a career in teachingwhile Barbara was a nurse.

Even though they took very different career paths, Alistair explained they have very similar personalities.

He added: “My mum and aunt have always been very close.

“They are both sprightly of mind and they have very similar personalities”

“The pair of them like to see each other as often as they can”.

Alastair admitted he was unsure what their secret to a olpong and happy life is.

He said: “What is their secret? It is the one big question that is always asked.

“I am not completely sure what the answer is - even now.

“They keep an active interest in history and try to keep in touch with people.

“My mum still knits cardigans and I am sure that has kept her mind focussed.

“They have both spent most of their lives living around Louth - they love the area.

“So, perhaps the glorious Lincolnshire air has been a contributing factor.

“I just hope I have the same genes as them!”

The pair were each presentedwith a big birthday cake each and several bouquets of flowers, something they both love.

The birthday celebrations over, they were happy spending time with their families over the festive Christmas period.