Bottomley’s unveil new whisky

This month has seen local distillers, Bottomley Distillers, release an uncasked Lincolnshire Grain Single Malt Whisky Spirit.

The new bottle of whisky.
The new bottle of whisky.

The whisky project has been the centre of the growth of the distillery and, as the spirit enters cask, co-director Amy Conyard, said: “There has been a vast interest in the spirit, so the logical step was to release it early, in hope of giving our drinkers a taste of what is to come, and something to look forward to!”

The heritage of the distillery dates back to the 1950s when co-director Alan Bottomley’s father used to distill whisky. Alan grew up in the 1980s watching his father with fascination, and it became a passion in later life, which resulted in the creation of Pin Gin. Their 500 litre copper pot still was at the heart of honouring the family story, being named Stansfield upon arrival in Spring 2019.

Alan said: “The best way that I could remember my dad and use his skills was to create my own whisky, and being in Lincolnshire gives us a prime opportunity to utilise Lincolnshire Grain to do this. I’ve learnt from my father and hopefully one day, Molly will learn from me.”

Stansfield and his team of a 500 litre Mash Lauter Tun and 500 litre Fermenter have been award-winning in their own way, leading the way for a sustainable approach to distillation - winning the award for Innovation in Sustainability at the Tech & Innovation Awards earlier this year.

Amy said: “The PLC controls that operate the process here, run with AI and works by self-learning where wastages are, meaning that it is continually working to create a zero-waste distillation process.

“This technology has also just been commissioned and installed at the brand new Manchester Gin distillery, with guidance and consultation from Alan.

“At the end of this whisky process, our spent grain goes to animal feed at local farms, furthering the efforts to be as environmentally conscious as possible.

Amy added: “It has been an honour to get this bottle to market, currently only sold directly at the distillery.

“With this being such a personal project for the distillery, I was really proud to have designed the labels for this and feel that adding that personal touch is the culmination of this project coming to fruition.

“We just have to wait a few more years now for it to mature into a full Single Malt!”

The Lincolnshire Grain Whisky Spirit is available for £45 at the distillery and is hand-numbered in a batch of just 103 bottles.

Contact 01507 600410 or [email protected] to get yours.