Celebrating nine decades of the 7th Louth Guides

On November 30, 1929, the 7th Louth Guides was formed - and the current generation celebrated the milestone with a special 90th birthday party!
The 90th anniversary celebrations.The 90th anniversary celebrations.
The 90th anniversary celebrations.

The Guides were joined by 1st Louth Rangers on a journey visiting each of the nine decades.

Each decade was represented with the Guides, Rangers and Leaders presenting a display about their particular decade, showing what took place including fashion, music, Guiding, current affairs and inventions.

Everyone was dressed up in their respective fashion, and each group demonstrated a game or quiz originating from their decade.

A birthday party would not be complete without food, so everyone was invited to munch on food which represented each of the nine decades.

The girls were presented with a lovely badge, which they helped design, to commemorate the special occasion.

A 7th Louth Guides spokesman said: “The cake in the photograph was very kindly made by the mother of a young Leader, following the design on the ‘birthday badge’.

“The 7th Louth Guides are looking forward to seeing what the next ten years will bring!”

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