Customer barred after ‘pooing in leisure centre’

Urinating and defecating in public buildings across Greater Lincolnshire are among the reasons why 136 people have been banned from libraries and leisure centres over the past five years - including a ‘deposit of excrement’ left at Louth’s Meridian Leisure Centre.
The Meridian Leisure Centre in Louth.The Meridian Leisure Centre in Louth.
The Meridian Leisure Centre in Louth.

According to a Freedom of Information request submitted by the Local Democracy Reporting Service, 83 people have been banned from Lincolnshire’s libraries which are managed by Greenwich Leisure Limited (GLL), while 53 have been barred from leisure centres across the county.

The Magna Vitae Trust, which runs leisure centres across East Lindsey, have revealed the details of one of two barrings it has issued.

The incident took place at Meridian Leisure Centre, in Louth, in early 2018.

The customer was given the temporary ban as a result of abusive behaviour – including the brown ‘gift’. It is unclear where the deposit was left.

In late 2018, a temporary ban was also issued by the leisure contractor at Skegness Swimming Pool after a customer failed to heed warnings about inappropriate abusive language being used towards staff and other customers.

Chief Executive Mark Humphreys said he was “pleased to say these incidents are very few and far between”.

He said: “We always take what we deem to be a fair approach to give warnings about unacceptable behaviour before, if it becomes necessary, a ban is issued.

“We have only ever issued temporary bans.”