Eighty percent of online readers want McDonald’s to come to Louth

More than 80 per cent of our readers, who voted in our online poll last week, have supported the prospect of a McDonald’s restaurant coming to Louth’s industrial estate – after the fast food retailer confirmed that the town is one of areas “being considered” for a new outlet.
McDonald's said that Louth is being considered for a new restaurant.McDonald's said that Louth is being considered for a new restaurant.
McDonald's said that Louth is being considered for a new restaurant.

By the start of this week, our online poll attracted 1,236 votes, with 1,006 of these (81.4%) being in favour of the idea of McDonald’s coming to Louth.

Since the news broke last Wednesday, the Leader has been flooded with comments from readers with strong positive and negative views on the matter.

Those in favour of the idea said it would bring new jobs to the area, and encourage people to stay in Louth rather than travelling elsewhere to get their fast food fix. The main concern for those opposing a McDonald’s restaurant is the potential increase in litter.

Here are just some of the views shared by residents:

Graham Rising: “If all the restaurants, pubs and cafes in Louth can’t make a better beef burger than McDonald’s, they should be ashamed of themselves. No to McDonald’s in Louth.”

Chris Ashmore: “It wouldn’t bother me either way, but if McDonald’s does come to Louth they must be located in the town centre to attract more trade there. The industrial estate was never supposed to be a retail estate.”

Angelique Fox: “Windsor has one. That’s right, just down the road from Windsor Castle they have a McDonald’s, in the high street area. They have managed to stay old and lovely with rubbish fast food. And I’m sure we can too.”

Ann Moncaster: “If we have to have one at all, the industrial estate is the best place for it! Hope the rumours about one in the centre of town are not true – don’t want the town to be plagued by more litter.”

Nikki Morrow: “It ruins that teenage right of passage for Louth teens. Pass your driving test, get your first car, fill it with your mates, and make your maiden voyage to Cleethorpes for a ‘Maccys’.”

Martin Smith: “I have nothing against one. It’s the rubbish I’m concerned about.”

Gary Wood: “McDonald’s located on the Fairfield Industrial Estate, next to the Shell station, would be ideal for capturing people 
travelling to and from the coastal resorts, Cadwell, etc. This would have zero effect on the town centre.”

Martin Redmond: “Why does Louth need another fast food outlet? Change can be good but not in this case. Let’s support the great local options Louth has on its doorstep.”

Alex George Cox: “Great news for people of Louth if a plan does come in for this. It would really move Louth forward with the times, providing it’s the right plan.”

Robert Clay: “More junk food. My experience of living near a McDonald’s is that your area will soon be covered with litter and anti-social behaviour.”

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