Grimoldby’s special welcome for Guadeloupean guests!

Grimoldby Primary School and North Somercotes CE Primary School was delighted to host some special visitors from the Caribbean last week.

The visitors from Guadeloupe, pictured alongside staff and pupils at Grimoldby Primary School last week.

The visitors from Guadeloupe crossed the Atlantic Ocean to be with them as part of the Erasmus Plus Project – ‘Songs, Stories & Science From Marsh, Coast & Sea’ - to look at how we, as global citizens, can reduce the world’s plastic problem.

The visitors shared their own pupils’ work on this global issue, and learned about its impact in the UK and in Guadeloupe.

In addition to their time in school working with the children and seeing how the education system operates here compared to back home, the visitors also spent time exploring several of the key landmarks of Lincolnshire, .

The visitors and children shared their work at Grimoldby Primary School.

The children in both schools were excited to share their learning and hold conversations in French, the native language of Guadeloupe.

Grimoldby Primary School head teacher, Antonia Brooks, said: “It’s such a fantastic opportunity for our children to learn about culture, traditions, language and unity around the globe.

“The fact that our children are able to work with a school in the Caribbean that is so geographically different to Lincolnshire - yet still suffers from and shares the world’s plastic problem - is simply incredible.”

North Somercotes CE Primary School head teacher, Paul Floyd, added: “This partnership has really enhanced all aspects of global learning across our schools.

“The staff and children have all embraced the project with amazing energy and enthusiasm.

“It is a real privilege be to be involved in this wonderful educational and social opportunity, sharing learning across our schools.”