Highlighting the challenges faced by Lincolnshire’s carers

To coincide with Carers Week (June 10-16), GPs in Lincolnshire East are encouraging local carers to look after themselves as well as the people they care for.
National Carers WeekNational Carers Week
National Carers Week

Carers Week is an annual campaign to raise awareness of caring and highlight the challenges carers face and recognises the contribution they make to families and communities throughout the UK.

Statistics show three out of five of us will be called upon to care for an older, disabled or seriously ill loved one at some point in our lives.

Caring can be a positive and rewarding experience, but keeping yourself fit and healthy while caring for another can be difficult.

In fact, full-time carers are more than twice as likely to be in poor health as non-carers as a result of the strain, stress and responsibility that can come with providing round the clock care.

Whether you’ve cared for the person for a long time, are temporarily helping them (for example, while they recover from an operation), or have just become a carer, it’s important to take the time to find out what support is available to you.

Dr Andrew Doddrell, Chair of Lincolnshire East CCG said: “We all know how easy it is to forget to take time out for ourselves, but what we sometimes don’t consider is the implications that this can have on our health. For people caring for friends or relatives with an illness or disability, this can prove even more serious.

“Caring can make it difficult to get enough sleep, bring injuries from lifting and moving the person with care needs, and make it difficult to find the time to prepare healthy food, exercise regularly and attend medical appointments.

“It’s important to remember that the best way to support the person that you’re caring for is to stay fit and healthy.

“Your GP can give you expert advice on how you can stay well and help to connect you to other useful carer support services and sources of information.”

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