Lifeboat crew steps in after parent and children struggle

A Mablethorpe lifeboat crew leapt into action on Saturday (June 29) to save two children and their dad after they found themselves in difficulty in the water.

RNLI lifeboat during a rescue mission (stock image).

Following the report, the crew at Mablethorpe RNLI lifeboat station launched their D-class lifeboat in response.

The lifeboat was stood down en route. However, the crew assisted casualties on the beach alongside colleagues from the Coastguard and the East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS).

The emergency situation arose after a concerned parent had entered the water on hearing his children shouting for help. Unfortunately, the parent was unable to swim and found himself in difficulty.

The parent and two young boys were treated on the beach for cuts and bruises and they had also swallowed water.

The RNLI launched its national drowning prevention campaign Respect the Water in May this year, urging the public to take action and 
follow this potentially lifesaving advice if they find themselves in trouble in cold water:

Fight your instinct to swim hard or thrash about, as this can lead to breathing in water and drowning. Instead, relax and float on your back until you have gained control of your breathing

Nick Ayers, RNLI Community Safety Partner says: ‘For those planning to go into the water, the best way to enjoy it safely is to choose a lifeguarded beach and swim between the red and yellow flags – the area most closely 
monitored by the lifeguards.

“If you see someone else in danger in the water at the coast, fight your instinct to go in and try to rescue them yourself. Instead, call 999 or 112.”