Lincolnshire’s WASPI campaigners support High Court appeal

Lincolnshire Women Against State Pension Injustice (WASPI) is supporting the challenge against a recent High Court decision.

WASPI campaigners.

On October 3, the High Court announced that the two justices who heard the case in June had found that the 3.8 million women in the UK had not been discriminated against when their state pension age was put back by several years with little or no notice.

Lincolnshire WASPI supported the judicial review, and the subsequent appeal, both of which have been led by a separate campaign group called ‘BackTo60’.

“We were rather shell shocked when we heard the decision, but we vowed to carry on our struggle to get justice,” said WASPI joint co-ordinator Trish McGregor.

WASPI campaigners.

“We are convinced that the thousands of women in Lincolnshire born in the 1950s - who have been cheated out of several years of the pensions they paid into - have been treated unfairly. We have contributed to the cost of the legal fees for permission to appeal the decision.

“We heard yesterday that enough money had been raised. The request for permission to appeal the decision has been lodged with the High Court.”

Trish added: “The speed with which the target was met shows the strength of feeling among 1950s women and their supporters.”

A date for the hearing has not yet been set.