Louth man sentenced after attacking bar staff

A Louth man who attacked two bar staff in two separate pubs on the same night, was ordered to pay them compensation by magistrates in Boston on November 27.

Court news

Simon Turner, 30, of Ramsgate, who admitted the assaults, was said to have been in the Turks Head in Aswell Street at 8pm on May 26 when he was ejected by staff because of his drunken and abusive behaviour.

Nick Todd, prosecuting, said there was a scuffle and Turner grabbed one of the staff, Carl Pettit, by the throat.

He said Turner then made his way to Oliver’s Bar, just yards away, where he was again ejected and he attacked Bailey Nicholson, a member of staff, also by grabbing his throat.

Mr Todd said police were called and he was arrested, later admitting he had been ‘extremely drunk’ and that he ‘had no memory of being in the pubs’.

Mitigating, Lloyd Edwards said Turner found the circumstances ‘very embarrassing’ as he knew both the victims well and he considered Bailey Nicholson to be a friend.

He said Turner had apologised to him and planned to apologise to Mr Pettit too.

Mr Edwards said Turner had just been told by his doctor that skin cancer was one of the possibilities for a skin condition he had, and that he had only heard the word ‘cancer’ and had gone for a drink and it had all gone from there.

The magistrates imposed an 18 month conditional discharge, ordered Turner to pay £50 compensation to both victims and £105 in court costs and charges.