Louth Police investigate five village burglaries

Louth Police are appealing for information after five burglaries took place in rural villages over the weekend.


The first two burglaries took place in Tinkle Street, Grimoldby, with offenders forcing entry into properties and, in one instance, stealing cash from within.

These two incidents took place between 3.45pm-8.00pm and between 10.30am-6.20pm respectively. (Incident numbers 367 and 402 of November 23).

The third burglary took place in South Elkington, where offenders forced their way into an outbuilding and stolen a bicycle and garden appliances.

This incident took place between 11.30am on November 23 and 3.00am on November 24. (Incident number 69 of November 24).

The fourth and fifth incidents took place in South Cockerington, in South View Lane on November 24 and Chapel Lane on November 25.

Jewellery, money and other items were stolen, and the occupants of both properties were away at the time.

Incident number 407 of November 24 relates to the South View Lane incident, and incident number 235 of November 25 relates to the Chapel Lane incident.

A Louth Police spokesman said: “If you have any information regarding the above crimes, please contact us on quoting the relevant incident numbers.

“We are urging residents to remain vigilant at all times.

“We are noticing that social media subscribers are reporting and advising local residents of suspicious behaviour but are failing to report these to us.

“Please continue to make your community aware, but please ensure that these occurrences are reported to us on 101 or 999 as necessary.

“Without this information, we cannot act accordingly or build up an intelligence picture or respond appropriately.”

Police will hold a drop-in surgery at Grimoldby Village Hall in Tinkle Street due to the recent burglaries in the village.

This will take place on Friday afternoon (November 29) between 2-4pm.

Crime prevention advice and free ‘SelectaDNA’ packs will be given to those who attend the event.