Louth primary schools ‘transformed’ following academy sponsorship

Two Louth primary schools are being transformed under a new academy sponsorship.
Executive principal Emma Beveridge with pupilsExecutive principal Emma Beveridge with pupils
Executive principal Emma Beveridge with pupils

Lacey Gardens Junior and Eastfield Infants and Nursery are part of Wellspring Academy Trust and, since September, have been run under one leadership team.

Executive principal Emma Beveridge, who has been at the helm since the summer, thanked pupils, parents and staff members for embracing the changes.

Emma said: “Big improvements have been made over the first term and I’m grateful for the incredible support we have received.

“One of the many challenges for the Trust and new leadership team was to give the schools a clear mission for the future and the professional conditions in which both adults and children can flourish.

“We have worked with the teaching and non-teaching staff to ensure their input in the changes that needed to be made.

“We believe in a ‘done with’ culture, not a ‘done to’ culture.

“They have embraced them and come up with some great ideas to improve outcomes.

“The team created our mission to be ‘busy being brilliant’.

“To achieve this mission, the six ‘bee-haviours’ for learning and life were born: be brave, be kind, be in charge of me, be curious, be honest and be on the team.

“At the centre of everything we do are the children. We are focused on what is in their best interests and giving them the education they deserve.”

Emma said it was important to listen to parents’ views.

She continued: “It is why I and members of the senior leadership team stand on the school gates in the morning to welcome the children and give parents and carers the chance to speak to us.

“We need to build their trust and confidence. They need to see both schools moving in the right direction and that is happening.

“We are talking about a cultural shift, raising the aspirations of pupils and staff, and that will take time.

“I’m convinced they can see the positive impact made over this first term.”

Emma started teaching in 2007 and has eight years’ experience as a member of a senior leadership team. Her last principal role saw her improve a Cleethorpes primary into an Ofsted-rated ‘outstanding’ school.

Chief executive officer of Wellspring Academy Trust, Mark Wilson, praised the impact of Emma and her team, and said: “The changes have been immediate and positive.

“The single leadership team led by Emma is breaking down barriers that were getting in the way of children’s learning and wellbeing.

“We are proud that Wellspring has a proven track record of our academies being judged to be good or outstanding since joining the trust.

“This is our achievable ambition for Lacey Gardens and Eastfield.”

The two academies have come together as Lacey Field, Louth, and can be found on social media under that banner.

• There are spare places across both and prospective parents who would like to meet Emma and arrange a visit can call 01507 603376 / 602082 in the New Year, or email [email protected]