Oh what a circus! Russell’s returns to Trusthorpe

It is many a child’s dream to run away to join the circus and that is what one young Mablethorpe lad did - now he owns it!

Rusty Russell welcomed the town crier, David Summers, and the Mayor of Trusthorpe and Sutton on Sea , Coun Carl Tebbutt, to the opening show

Year on year, Russell’s International Circus has rolled into the Mablethorpe and Trusthorpe area and for its owner, Rusty Russell, it is truly coming home.

Mablethorpe born and bred, Rusty ran away to join the circus at 13 and he says it is the highlight of his year to come back to the area and catch up with everyone.

Rusty runs the circus with his wife Amanda, a fourth generation circus performer.

Rusty said: “This is where I was brought up and my mum still lives here, so it is lovely to get to spend some time with her.

“When I started out as a clown, she used to make my costumes.

“She always comes to the shows when we are in town and of course she always gets the best ringside seat.

“My mum is my number one fan.

“I can hear her telling the people around her ‘this is my son’s circus’ so I think she is very proud of what I have achieved.”

For most of the year, the circus has one-week slots at venues across the UK and overseas, but the main season is here on the Lincolnshire coast.

The circus will be at the Sutton Road site until September 8.

Rusty said: “It is great being back here again.

“Every year we see many of the same faces coming along to the show and we see the youngsters growing up.

“I can’t go into town or to the supermarket without bumping into someone I know, so we get to have a good catch up.

“This is our longest stand and we shall continue to keep coming here as long as the people support us.”

The circus opened last week and to mark the occasion, the town crier and Mayor of Trusthorpe and Sutton on Sea, Coun Carl Tebbutt went along to join in the fun.

Coun Tebbutt said: “I have been a circus fan all my life.

“There has been a circus here for as long as I can remember, so they are carrying on a great tradition which has been going for many years.

“It is a pleasure to have Russell’s here every year; it fits in well with the seaside entertainment.

“It’s a great show and really good value for money - in fact it is probably the best value for money in town.

“It is great for the local economy too.

“We are in an area where we are short of resources, so anything that helps bring people here and entertains them too is very important.”

Russell’s International Circus has shows every day at 7pm, with matinees on Wednesday and Sunday at 3pm.

For tickets call at the site or phone 07752 218805.