Pies, glorious pies - popular Louth event returns for second bite!

Louth Pie Day is returning for a second bite this year - and it promises to be even bigger and better than its debut!

One of last year's guest judges, auctioneer Colin Young, pictured visiting Woolliss & Son in Louth. (Picture: Louth Pie Day)

After the roaring success of the first Louth Pie Day last April, the town’s independent piemakers and sellers have announced that they will 
again join forces to offer a festival of pies. The event will attract pie lovers and piemakers from across the region – and across the country.

Planning is well underway, and more details about the pies on offer, and the competition, will be announced in due course.

The town that became ‘The Pie Capital of the World’ for a day in 2019 will become the piemakers’ capital during the 2020 event, on Wednesday April 15, with the first ever ‘Lincolnshire Pie Championship’ - a competition for amateur 
piemakers and professionals alike, suitable for all ages.

The Louth Pie Day team has confirmed that Louth Pie Day 2020 will include:

• Morning Pie: For the early birds, cafés will be welcoming visitors to Louth Pie Day with the offer of a slice of delicious pie to go with their morning cup of tea or coffee.

• Shop Pies: A pie for everyone! Throughout the day a wide range of traditional pies will be served from Louth’s independent butchers, bakers, delicatessens, cafés, pubs, and at least one fish and chip shop along the Louth Pie Trail.

• Championship Pies: The open-to-all Lincolnshire Pie Championship, a county-wide competition judged by food experts, will be held inside St James’ Church.

• Pie and A Pint: Local pubs will extend Louth Pie Day into the evening with pie suppers, some as late as 9pm.

• Pies from Around the World: a special category along the Louth Pie Trail.

The team has added that a small number of pie box tickets are mysterious 
‘golden tickets’, entitling the holder to an extra free ticket and a special pie-related prize that cannot be bought!

A spokesman for the Louth Pie Day team said: “Louth is renowned for its high-quality and independent food shops, and Louth Pie Day is a pie festival that celebrates the wonderful range of Lincolnshire produce, and the good food that this part of Lincolnshire offers.

“The first Louth Pie Day was put together by eight local independent retailers; collectively they added enormously to Louth’s reputation, and highlighted all the local, independent artisan piemakers and sellers that make Louth a real ‘food town’.

“It was an enormous success, with hundreds of people enjoying the special day, and supporting Louth’s independent businesses while doing so.”

The spokesman continued: “Pie shops and participating cafés reported they sold three normal weeks’ worth of pies during the one-day festival.

“They served up more than 2,000 pieces of pie and offered a staggering 50 varieties.

“The event was coordinated by a small group of volunteers with specialised skills. It created a business boost and a new awareness of the town and what it has to offer among local residents and visitors.”

On the day, tickets will come in the form of a pie box, a folded map of the Louth Pie Trail containing five pie slice vouchers. Each voucher can be exchanged for a slice of pie in one of the participating pie shops on the Louth Pie Trail.

The same tickets can be used in many of the town’s pubs, by exchanging all five vouchers for a pie and a pint.

Further information about the upcoming Louth Pie Day, and entry details for the Lincolnshire Pie Championship, will be featured in the coming weeks.