Pupils learn about seatbelt safety... and others meet a reading wizard!

Road safety officers have visited Theddlethorpe Primary Academy as part of their campaign to make Lincolnshire’s youngsters aware of the importance of wearing seat belts.

Theddlethorpe: Lilly Hollingsworth, Katy Alan, Lottie Hallam, Kye Henderson, Sasha Hancock. (Picture: Sean Spencer/Hull News & Pictures Ltd)

Delphine Norton, from the Lincolnshire County Council Transport Group, said: “We are looking at how important seat belts are in vehicles and, in particular, on school transport.

“We have school transport issues county-wide with older students not wearing seat belts. By coming into primary schools, we hope to instil safety at an earlier age.

“At Theddlethorpe, we carried out an experiment where pupils designed a car and secured an egg inside. The egg represents a person’s skull. It is easily damaged.

Theddlethorpe: Olly Tedford, Ethan Doherty, Lexie Blackshaw, Olivia Asher. (Picture: Sean Spencer/Hull News & Pictures Ltd)

“We then dropped the car down a ramp, which represents a 60mph crash, to see if the egg was still intact. We had mixed results.”

Susan Cook, Principal of Theddlethorpe Academy, said: “The message about the importance of seat belts in vehicles is one which we thoroughly endorse for all of our pupils.

“Whilst this is quite a simple demonstration, we hope that the message is clear and that the children will always remember to wear their seat belts when they are travelling in vehicles of any kind.”

Meanwhile, pupils at North Somercotes CE Primary School were recently delighted to find their outdoor play area has been transformed into a fantastic new reading and den building arena.

Ronnie the Reading Wizard (back, centre) with North Somercotes pupils.

When Reception pupils went outside to play, they discovered that a very special guest - Ronnie the Reading Wizard - had flown there specially on his broomstick to greet them, bearing gifts including a new book for the class to enjoy!

Ronnie the Reading Wizard also brought an ancient scroll which detailed a set of rules for the children to follow.

Ronnie added: “The play area is just brilliant. Building dens and listening to stories? What more can a hungry mind need!

“The new area is a fantastic resource and the children are lucky to have it.”