Teenagers take to Louth’s streets to tackle the weeds

A group of teenagers have done the town proud by carrying out a huge clean-up operation as part of the National Citizen Service (NCS) scheme.

Gary Denniss (left) with some members of the NCS group and their staff mentor Abi Allen.

The group, consisting of Ishasha Stewart, Shaun Muns, William Gardner, Scott Rollinson, Sky Gribbin, Edward King, Sophy Aldridge, Ralf Merrifield, took to the streets of Louth town centre in search of weeds and litter to tidy up, spending almost six hours out and about last Thursday (July 18).

The group, working alongside their staff mentor Abi Allen, was guided by chairman of Louth Independent Traders, Gary Denniss, after he decided to sponsor them and help them in their struggle to decide what to do as part of their ‘community project’ to benefit their local area.

By collecting donations from shopkeepers and members of the public around the town, the group raised £81 which will go towards their ‘social action project’, which involves renovating a garden to create a relaxing work space for Root 2 Recruit in Eastgate.

The cash will be used to buy tools for the garden project.

NCS group member Ishasha Stewart told the Leader: “We are pleased to be doing this tidy-up in our hometown because it will make us happy and the community happy.”

Afterwards, Gary Denniss said the group’s tidy-up had been a ‘fantastic success’, and had received a great response from the local community.

He added: “They’ve done a cracking job, and the town looks so much better now!”

• For more information about the group’s social action project, and to make a donation, visit www.bit.ly/NCSLouthSocialAction

• To find out more about the National Citizen Service, visit https://www.ncsyes.co.uk.