Update: Legbourne Road fire ‘will burn for 72 hours’

Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue have confirmed that the farm building fire in Legbourne Road, Louth, is being allowed to burn out under control over the next few days.
Photo: Martin Shelley PhotographyPhoto: Martin Shelley Photography
Photo: Martin Shelley Photography

Deputy Divisional Commander at Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue, Jason Lawley, said: “The fire is currently being allowed to burn out under control.

“Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue have three appliances still there and crews are monitoring the scene.

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“We anticipate the fire will remain burning for 48–72 hours, and the adjoining fields are stubble fields so they are being ploughed to avoid any fire spread.

During the fire, approximately 200 cattle were evacuated and we believe all are well. There were no human casualties either.”

Mr Lawley continued: “The incident resulted in severe damage by fire to one barn measuring approximately 20m x 20m, and 25% of an adjoining barn measuring approximately 20m x 15m. Around 17,000 litres of diesel and 5,000 tonnes of baled straw were also on fire.

“The advice to keep doors and windows closed was issued as a precaution yesterday. This still stands if residents can smell smoke, however the wind is now light.”

Mr Lawley added that the cause of the blaze is still under investigation.