Victoria Atkins ‘honoured and delighted’ after election victory

Victoria Atkins has told the Louth Leader & Horncastle News that she is ‘honoured and delighted’ after retaining her seat in Louth & Horncastle with an increased majority - and she now prepares to return to Westminster next week as part of a majority Conservative government.

Acting Returning Officer Rob Barlow (right) announces the result for Louth & Horncastle.
Acting Returning Officer Rob Barlow (right) announces the result for Louth & Horncastle.

Ms Atkins won the seat with 38,021 votes - a 72.7% share of the overall vote, almost six per cent higher than her majority at the previous General Election in 2017.

Meanwhile, Labour’s Ellie Green secured second place with 9,153 votes and Liberal Democrat Ross Pepper came third with 4,114 votes.

In last place was Peter Hill (‘The Iconic Arty-Pole’) of the Official Monster Raving Loony Party, who secured 1,044 votes.

The overall turnout for Louth & Horncastle was 66.07%.

In her victory speech, Ms Atkins thanked the voters, her family and her supporters, her opponents, and the staff members at polling stations and the vote count.

She said: “I am extremely grateful to everybody who made the trip to the polling station and cast their votes, and postal votes, to put their faith in me.

“I will not let you down. We will get this Brexit done, and we’re going to move on to our domestic agenda for our country.

“So thank you very much indeed, and may I finish by wishing everyone a very merry Christmas.”

Speaking to the Louth Leader later this morning, Ms Atkins added: “I am so honoured and delighted that people have put their faith in me and put the cross next to my name - particularly during the campaign in the middle of winter, when it’s cold and wet and windy. I’m really grateful.

“It’s really exciting and I’m very much going to repay their trust by continuing to work very hard for everyone in the constituency and making sure that Louth and Horncastle is on the map in Westminster.

“We’re going to be back in Westminster in Monday and I’m excited to see all my new colleagues, and colleagues returning (to the House of Commons).

“In terms of the logistics in the Chamber, getting all the Conservatives on one side, the government side, is going to be a bit of a squeeze!

“It’s very exciting, and it’s a tribute to the Prime Minister (Boris Johnson). He has run a really good campaign across the country, and people have clearly joined together behind him. Not just on getting Brexit done, but also on our domestic policies. I pay full tribute to him.”

At the time of publication (5.40am), the Conservative Party were projected to secure a commanding majority of around 80.

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