UKIP's Colin Mair: '˜We expect to be respected - not ignored'

A leading figure in the highly successful local Leave campaign believes there were be a '˜lot of political changes' over the coming weeks as the parties react to the out vote.

Councillor Colin Mair (UKIP)

County Councillor Colin Mair, who is the UKIP leader at County Hall, also says MPs of all parties need to reflect the views of their constituents.

His comments come amid calls from leading local ‘Brexit’ officials for Louth and Horncastle MP Victoria Atkins to consider her future.

Coun Mair, who finished as runner-up to Ms Atkins in last year’s general election, said: “The (EU) campaign has been long and hard for everybody.

“I remember a day in Louth at the end of February when first we had a hailstorm followed by a mini tornado that wrecked our stall.

“It was so cold that some of us couldn’t hold on to the leaflets any more.

“We persisted and met many good people all over Louth and Horncastle constituency.

“The campaign team for Leave was a mixed bunch from all political parties with a good sprinkling of people linked to no party.

“We worked together using materials from several campaign groups such as Vote Leave and Grassroots Out.

“Right up to the last minute we knew that the national result would be a close run thing but also knew that locally support for Leave was very strong, as seen in the result.

“There will no doubt be a lot of political changes made in the near future, starting with the new leadership of the Conservative Party.

“I think that there also needs to be a root and branch review by all of the main parties, with emphasis on the importance of an MP reflecting the views of their electorate.

“We are not oiks and yokels. We are intelligent people with an opinion that we expect to be respected, not ignored.”