Unemployment figures have fallen

Unemployment figures have tumbled down again across the area - according to figures released today (Wednesday).

Figures are down 23.2 per cent in Boston, 25 per cent in Skegness and 29.7 per cent in Sleaford.

June Howard, Job Centre Plus employer adviser for East Lindsay, believes job fairs, work experience and apprenticeships plus extra training have all helped to boost employment opportunities for people in the area.

She said: “The work experience scheme has been really successful for young people with a third to a half finding work afterwards. Interview training and teaching has also helped, plus the job fairs.

“In coastal areas we have found there are more opportunities for jobs in the hospitality industry with more people holidaying in the UK and that has had a knock on effect into retail, which is doing really well. ”

She also believes Universal Credit, which is set to be introduced into Boston in the near future, with its different set of regulations will see more people able to step up their working hours from part-time.

The Job Centre will also be encouraging the government’s #notjustforboys campaign which looks to inspire more women to look at opportunities in construction, IT, science and engineering.

The next job fair in Skegness will be on February 25, from 10.30am - 2.30pm, at the Embassy Theatre, Grand Parade, with more than 30 stands featuring businesses such as Butlins, plus retail and volunteering opportunities and agencies.

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