Unique new eatery is on its way to Louth

An exciting new restaurant set to infuse traditional Italian and Caribbean cuisines together will be opening in Louth this month.

A fantastic new business partnership has been formed between old friends Irie White and Neil Crossland.

The eatery named Mr 2 Culture - ‘The Restaurant with a twist’ will be opening in Aswell Street in the premises formally known to many as Mollie’s Bar.

Co-owner, Irie White,53, is going to be taking on the restaurant alongside well-known Louth businessman, Neil Crossland.

Mr White has always had two passions in life, cooking and music, so this new restaurant gives him the unique chance to bring both together, presenting a restaurant in Louth that will be like no other seen before.

Mr White told The Leader: “Cooking has always been a big passion of mine, having learnt from the age of seven.

“I have run restaurants in Manby and Grimsby previously and both we’re a big success.

“Then I went out on the road performing music over an 18-year period. I had a lot of success with a song called ‘Ride the Rollercoaster,’ which is very well known in Skegness, and I have also had a number one single out in Germany.”

But Mr White has decided to give up his time out on the road performing music and head back into the kitchen once more, but he certainly won’t be leaving his musical talents behind either.

He adds: “Neil came to me with this opportunity of opening a restaurant, and for me it came at just the right time.

“So now I have the opportunity to put two of my favourite things together, food and music.

“So to start I’ll be heading into the kitchen making a varied range of dishes that are Caribbean and Italian combined, with some amazing flavour combinations added in that I have devised.

“After that, I’ll be heading out of the kitchen to give the diners some live music.

“I want this restaurant to be a place where everyone can come in and make a night of it. I want them to be able to sit back, relax and enjoy the floor service, so they don’t have to lift a finger. All of my food is also freshly made to order and children will be welcome to dine with us as well, with their own special menu with them in mind.”

Mr Two Culture is set to have a beach hut feel, with beautifully painted murals, all that will be missing is the sand on the floor!

With an ever changing menu and reasonable prices, this restaurant is one to be looking out for in the coming weeks and a restaurant in Louth you will definitely be wanting to try out.

The restaurant is set to be open five days a week, from 12noon-midnight.

1 The official opening date of Mr 2 Culture, future opening hours, the food on offer and more, will be made available to the public shortly.