Unique sculpture is found under a garden of weeds in Louth area

When clearing up common garden weeds, the last thing you expect to find is a rare sculpture - which could have been hidden for half a century.

The Lily Maid sculpture was hidden in a garden full of weeds in the Louth area.

Discovered recently in the Louth area, the ceramic piece of The Lily Maid is said to be the work of English sculptor Gilbert Bayes.

It is now set to go up for auction in Lincoln on July 18 and could make between £2,000-£5,000.

Alastair McPhie-Meiklejon, Art and antiques specialist from Golding Young & Mawer said the condition of the piece was ‘remarkable’, but added it was designed as an outside piece, so it was expected to have weathered well.

He said that it probably had a lot of protection from the overgrowth of the weeds.

The vendors’ grandparents enjoyed collecting art, but had no idea this piece even existed until it was found.

Mr McPhie-Meiklejon added: “Gilbert Bayes only produced limited numbers of items at best and we still don’t know for sure how many pieces are out there.

“This piece is absolutely beautiful.

“Whilst this isn’t the most valuable thing we have ever found, it really is very exciting.

“Afterall it is a stunning piece of work by one of Britain’s most celebrated ceramicists.”

1For more information about the auction, visit: https://goldingyoung.com.