UPDATE: Pictures of dramatic rescue of horse from dyke in Wainfleet

Dramatic pictures have been released of the rescue of a horse from a dyke in Wainfleet.
Horse rescue in Wainfleet.Horse rescue in Wainfleet.
Horse rescue in Wainfleet.

Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue was called to the scene in Burgh Road around 2.35pm yesterday.

Five crews from Wainfleet, Skegness, Spalding, Louth and Lincoln North FRS attended the scene.

A tweet from Lincolnshire Fire and rescue states: "Crews used animal rescue equipment & teleporter. Horse well and in care of owner and vet."

Skegness Fire Station shared the pictures in a poist on Facebook which said: "Lincoln North along with Wainfleet, Skegness, Spalding and Louth rescued a pony from a dyke near Wainfleet yesterday.

"If you see an animal in trouble we have the training and equipment to do the job, don't endanger yourself."