UPDATE: Police warn people to keep windows closed as Boa Constrictor remains at large in Boston

Police have issued a warning this morning about a missing snake in Boston.
Warning over missing snake from policeWarning over missing snake from police
Warning over missing snake from police

They are urging people to stay away from the Boa Constrictor which was reported missing from a property in the town at just after 7pm last night and had still not been found as of 1.31pm..

Update: The Boa Constrictor reported as missing in Boston has still not been found.

The eight-and-a-half foot snake went missing from a house in Union Street.

A police spokesperson said: "We are asking people to keep their windows and doors shut and block any external vents, for example, tumble dryer vents or extractor fan outlets.

"The missing snake is approx 8 ft and will look to find somewhere warm.

"This could be a garden shed, car bonnet, loft etc. The snake can curl up in a small place and can last for some time without food."

Boa Constrictors are normally between three and 13 feet long.

The spokesperson said: "We are advising people to stay away from a snake after it was reported missing from a Boston property.

"The Boa constrictor is not venomous, but should not be approached.

"It is likely to find somewhere warm, so could be in an area such as a garden shed."

It is described as white on its tail, with grey, black and brown spots.

Officers in Boston are currently searching for the snake.

If anyone sees what they think is a snake in the area, they should call 999 quoting Incident 361 of November 28.