Update provided on recent crimes in the Horncastle area

At this month’s Horncastle Town Council meeting, it was revealed that a ‘prolific burglar’ has recently been charged following a number of incidents.

At the meeting, PCSO Nigel Wass explained that it was a ‘difficult’ time for Lincolnshire Police due to ‘budget restraints and staff cuts’ but that officers were still doing their best.

He told those present that there had been 18 crimes in Horncastle reported to Lincolnshire Police during the past week, and added that the number was ‘low’ compared to other areas in Lincolnshire.

During the meeting, PCSO Wass was asked about the high number of incidents of burglaries during the past few months.

In response, PCSO Wass explained that Horncastle was still a ‘low crime area’ and that a ‘prolific burglar’ had recently been ‘caught’ and was now ‘serving time’ so that should help reduce the number of burglaries in the town and surrounding area.

PCSO Wass was also thanked for going into local schools and speaking to young people.

The meeting also heard that the police school visits were considered to be a good way of ‘helping to reduce anti-social behaviour in the town’.

There was also an update on CCTV cameras in the town.

The meeting was told that all the town centre CCTV cameras owned by Horncastle Town Council had been ‘upgraded’ and were ‘working and being monitored’.

PCSO Wass added that it was nice to see the cameras in the town centre working and ‘recording good quality images’.

The meeting was also told that BT was ‘in the process’ of upgrading the ‘fibre connections’ to the Industrial Estate.

Once this work is complete, the new cameras on the Industrial Estate will be ‘installed’.