UPDATE: Warning after kids play with fire near gas substation in Alford

Police have issued a warning ahread of Halloween after children set fire to bushes just yards from a gas substation near a primary school in Alford.

The remains of a fire just yards from a gas sub station. ANL-181015-105519001

Alford and Mablethorpe Police posted an image of the location of the fire on social media on Saturday - and warned of the dangers of such actions.

They said on Facebook: “Children setting fires in #Alford. Yes, the green box is a gas sub station! We need to stop these children before anyone gets hurt.”

Irene Harpum Smith told the Standard: “It was near the primary school off Farlesthorpe Road and at the back of the houses on Seymour Lane.

“We were very lucky the Fire Brigade turned up very quickly as there’s hedging, trees and fences in the vicinity.

“The trees and residents’ fences could’ve caught fire if the Fire Brigade hadn’t turned up as quick as they did, so thank you to them from those of us whose properties back on to this area.”

Graham Blackbourn posted on Facebook: “Never any problems like that when the local copper could clip you around the ear.”

It is understood that those responsible have now been ‘dealt with’.

Lincolnshire Police commented: “It is incredibly dangerous not least to those responsible.

“We would like to appeal for sensible and safe behaviour during the run up to Halloween and November 5.

“We will be focusing on engaging with parents and schools to make sure everyone who wants to can enjoy the celebrations without incident.

“We would appeal to nyone who sees or hears anything suspicious to get in touch on 101.”