Victoria Atkins backs Theresa May to become PM

Louth and Horncastle MP Victoria Atkins has today (Tuesday) backed current Home Secretary Theresa May to become the next leader of the Conservative Party - and the next Prime Minister.

Victoria Atkins (right) with Theresa May EMN-160627-151905001

Ms Atkins said: “I have worked closely with the Home Secretary since my election as your Member of Parliament, in my roles on the Home Affairs Select Committee and the two committees that scrutinised the Investigatory Powers Bill.

“What I have seen has impressed me greatly. I believe that she has the character, intelligence, experience and resolve to get a great deal for the United Kingdom.

“Her experience as Home Secretary in leading negotiations on security, legal and policing matters in the EU, as well as her work at the Bank of England before she entered politics, will stand her in good stead in the years ahead.

“I met Theresa last week to discuss the concerns of my Constituents expressed in the Referendum. She listened with care and I am impressed by her plans for the negotiations, including setting up a ministerial department devoted to securing the best deal in Europe.

“But there is more to this country than Europe. Theresa has plans for the future, which include tackling the challenges faced by our young people and the need to improve life chances.

“The membership of the Conservative Party will decide eventually from the two candidates put forward by the Parliamentary Party and I will, of course, abide by that choice.

“But I want Theresa May to be one of those two and I shall vote accordingly.

“Theresa May will make an excellent Prime Minister.”

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