Victoria Atkins MP hosts parliamentary launch of diabetes report

Victoria Atkins MP recently hosted Diabetes UK's parliamentary launch of its '˜State of the Nation 2016' report, which heard the Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt MP, reiterate his commitment to improving education around Diabetes.

Chris Askew and Victoria Atkins MP.

The report by Diabetes UK highlighted the importance of providing all those diagnosed with diabetes access to the tools they need to effectively manage their condition.

Victoria said: “I was delighted to host the Parliamentary Launch of the State of the Nation 2016 report.

“I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of three, and understand the importance of education for all those living with this condition.

“I was particularly pleased to hear from the Secretary of State that he is committed to supporting our work to improve the life chances for those with Diabetes.

“As the Prime Minister said today in Prime Minister’s Questions, ‘Diabetes should never hold any one back’”.