Victoria Atkins '˜should resign as MP', says local UKIP chairman

Victoria Atkins should '˜seriously consider' her future as Louth and Horncastle MP.

Victoria Atkins MP

That was the message this morning (Friday) from Mike Beecham, one of the leading figures in the successful ‘Brexit’ campaign in East Lindsey.

Mr Beecham, who is also the area chairman of UKIP, described the stunning ‘Leave’ vote in East Lindsey as ‘absolutely brilliant.’

70.7 per cent of the district electorate voted to leave the EU with just 29.3 backing the remain campaign.

Ms Atkins had campaigned to stay in the EU and issued a statement to the Horncastle News and Louth Leader last week, saying Britain should effectively ‘lead and not leave Europe.”

Mr Beecham said: “The fact that more than 70 per cent of her constituency failed to back their MP shows how out of touch she is.

“Frankly, I think it is time for her to consider her position.

“Throughout this campaign, she was pro-EU and she was closely allied to the views of the Prime Minister.

“He has done the right thing and resigned. She should do the same.”

Mr Beecham admitted that in some ways, the size of the victory in East Lindsey had even surprised the out campaigners.

He said at the start of the campaign in February, the outcome of the vote was almost too close to call.

However, he said the out campaign had received more and more support as the weeks went on.

He admitted there was no one single issue that swayed voters but it was moire a combination of factors including immigration and sovereignty.

There has been criticism in some quarters of a lack lustre campaign by the Remain group, but Mr Beecham said he did not think that had affected the result.

The Horncastle News and Louth Leader asked Ms Atkins’ office for comment - click here to read her response.

Meanwhile, Emma McClarkin - Conservative MEP for the East Midlands - reacted to the result of the referendum this morning.

She said: “A new day has dawned for the British people. The destiny of our great country is in our hands.

“Britain will now be a freer, more democratic and prosperous country. Our future today is bright.

“Having campaigned for a Leave vote, I am naturally absolutely delighted that, against all the odds, the force of our arguments has cut through and resonated with a majority of the British people.

“I hope that those in the remain campaign will now accept the result as the settled will of the British people, and work positively to help ensure a swift, orderly and friendly exit from the EU for the United Kingdom.

“We must now all work in the national interest and it is now up to us as politicians to deliver the will of the British people.

“I look forward to helping out in any way I can in the days months and years ahead.”