Victoria Atkins: Why I voted to keep ‘no deal’ on the table

Louth & Horncastle’s MP, Victoria Atkins, has explained her decision to vote to keep a ‘no deal’ Brexit on the table last week - and claimed that Parliament’s opposition to this means that Brexit is ‘at risk’ if the Government’s deal is voted down for a third time in the coming days.

Victoria Atkins MP with then-Home Secretary Theresa May in 2015.

In a statement posted online last Thursday, Ms Atkins said: “I have done everything I can to deliver Brexit.

“Last night (Wednesday March 13), I voted to keep ‘no deal’ on the table as part of the negotiations.

“Parliament, however, opposed this, meaning that a vote against the Government’s Deal will be a vote that puts Brexit at risk.”

She continued: “Conservatives want to honour the result of the referendum and deliver a Brexit that protects our Union and jobs.

“I have always voted to deliver an orderly Brexit and will continue to do so.

“We must settle this, so that we are able to move on, unite our country and embrace our future opportunities.”

The following day, Ms Atkins voted in favour of the Government requesting an extension to Article 50, which was approved by the House of Commons.

Earlier that evening, Ms Atkins voted against an amendment which would have delayed Brexit in order to enable a further referendum.

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