Video and photo gallery - Soapbox racers hit the slopes at Coleby

Move over the stars of last week's octane-fuelled Isle of Man TT '“ the power of gravity provided the thrills at this year's Coleby Downhill Challenge.

Coleby Soapbox Challenge. GravityBike HQ - Zack Leader.

The daredevil soapbox racers returned on two, three and four wheels to the village, drawing huge crowds over two days.Following the success of events in 2014 and 2016, soapboxes, sidecars and gravity bikes were signed up for the course described by racers as ‘one of the best in the country’ with machines reaching speeds in excess of 40mph.With perfect weather, timed practice took place on Saturday last week when around 800 spectators came to watch, according to Jeff Harwood from the organising team, with the actual Downhill Challenge on the Sunday seeing 2,500 people watching the six timed runs which included Round 4 of the 2018 National Gravity Bike Championships.It is a charity event staged by Hykeham Lions and an estimated £8,000 raised will be going to LIVES, Lincs and Notts Air Ambulance and other local charities.Away from the track there was family entertainment with a bouncy castle, bucking bronco and face painting. Organisers thanked everyone who helped make the Coleby Downhill Challenge 2018 such a success, including everyone in the village, the organising team, the racers and riders, plus the spectators. The next race at Coleby will be in 2020.The winners were: Fastest Soapbox – Paul Burton of Ealing on Acceleramus in 48.22 secs. Best Dressed Soapbox – Without a Paddle. Fastest Gravity Sidecar – Paul Cross of Norfolk on It’s a Cross Thing in 51.27 secs.Gravity Bikes - 1st. Ian Round of I R Racing of Market Rasen 48.54 secs; 2nd Racing Momentum 48.83 secs; 3rd Gravity Bike HQ 49.19 secs.

Coleby Soapbox Challenge. GravityBike HQ - Zack Leader.
Coleby Soapbox Challenge. Rat Racing - Justin Greaves. Gravity Bike.
Coleby Soapbox Challenge. Wellingore Garage Speedsters.
Coleby Soapbox Challenge. Two Wallys & a Tiny Sidecar.
Coleby Soapbox Challenge. Arkham Racing - Nigel Brumby. Gravity Bike.
Coleby Soapbox Challenge. Team Tardis sidecar.
Coleby Soapbox Challenge. Without a Paddle.
Coleby Soapbox Challenge. Team Tortoise 2.
Coleby Soapbox Challenge. Coleby Comet.
Coleby Soapbox Challenge.
Coleby Soapbox Challenge. Riders at the top of the hill.