VIDEO AND PICTURES: Worksop CBeebies star's regret over naked photos which got her sack

A former children's television presenter from Worksop has revealed her heartache after being sacked for posing for sexy photos.
The photo that got Sarah-Jane Honeywell sacked.The photo that got Sarah-Jane Honeywell sacked.
The photo that got Sarah-Jane Honeywell sacked.

Sarah-Jane Honeywell, a former presenter for BBC children’s channel CBeebies, has opened up about how stripping off for a charitable cause saw her lose her coveted presenting job.

Sarah-Jane, 42, has revealed in her parenting blog that she blames her own ‘terrible twos’ phase for making the decision to pose nude for animal rights charity Peta.

The mother-of-one has also said that her friendship with the channel’s most popular presenter, Mr Tumble, played by Justin Fletcher, crumbled after he saw the saucy shots in a newspaper, under the headline “CBoobies.”

The presenter has penned an emotional blog about her stint on the children’s TV channel and says she’s still so upset about the way in which she was sacked that she won’t let her own son, Phoenix, tune in.

She wrote: “I regret losing my wonderful friendship with Justin. The day my picture went in the paper with the headline, ‘Cboobies’ I never heard from my lovely friend again.”

Honeywell says that she understands why their friendship, which grew while they worked on shows including Higgledy House and Tikkabilla, had to end, saying: ‘He had a very important, brilliant brand to protect. For the sake of children’s joy everywhere, I’m glad he chose them over me.

“Justin loves the kids and he is passionate about entertaining them and that’s why I do love him. I actually feel quite emotional writing this and I think it’s the first time I’ve truly admitted to myself that, I miss my old mucker.”

Sarah had been a regular CBeebies host until images circulated of her posing nearly naked on a large plate featuring fake chips and peas in Trafalgar Square for World Vegan Day.

She said: ‘I only have myself to blame I know that but the children loved me and I was passionate about giving them joy and I stupidly thought that would be enough.

“Now I know you have to behave as well. Something I am trying to get a handle on. I guess I’m still in my own terrible two’s stage.”

Sarah-Jane was born in Worksop and studied at Ordsall Hall School.

At 18, she got her first job, working in Malta as a contortionist for three months having trained with an acrobatic troupe the Great Kovaks in Doncaster.