VIDEO: Flash that lit up sky over Skegness at midnight

As if snow, gale force winds and a flood warning were not enough for the residents of Skegness area to deal with, a flash of light at midnight left many wondering what on earth was going on.

Powergrid engineers have been working to restore supplies affected by the weather.

The moment that surprised those who were not already snuggled under the duvet was captured on dash cam by Skegness singer and entertainer Martin Thomas.

Martin got everyone talking when he posted his footage on social media from his Facebook page, . He said: "I was heading on the Burgh by-pass. There were power surges all over the county last night from 11.45pm.

"I was heading back to Skegness along the A158 on my way home from a gig in Immingham, when I saw it I knew it was electrical and not lightening.

"My immediate thought was it was a transformer or power lines had come down. However, I had quite a bit of confusion as Burgh (as I passed) and Skegness (as I pulled in) both had power. But there were building alarms going off all over Skegness."

Among the comments on the Skegness, Skegness, Skegness Facebook page, Jane Barker said: "We saw it, too. Made us jump as we were watching most haunted at the time."

Lorraine Clark-Duncan said: " I saw it, thought it was police/ambulance outside. Electric flashed off and on, too."

Northern Powergrid, the company responsible for the power network in the North East, Yorkshire and parts of Lincolnshire, released a statement this morning saying it was working to restore power for its customers after the weather caused damage to its network.

Powergrid engineers have been working to restore supplies affected by the weather.

Rod Gardner, Northern Powergrid’s head of network operations, said: “We’ve been closely monitoring the weather all week and were prepared to respond should the weather conditions impact our network. A combination of high winds and freezing rain in the early hours of the morning ( March 3) caused power cuts for a number of our customers.

"Our teams have worked through the night and have restored power to 12,000 customers by diverting electricity through alternative routes on our network, and carrying out any necessary repairs. We will continue with restoration work to get the lights back on today for the 3,500 customers who are currently without power.

"Where travel conditions are difficult we are using our 4x4s and specialist access vehicles to help our engineers carry out repairs and restore electricity supplies.

"Whilst the weather forecast indicates weather conditions have improved we will continue to closely monitor and ensure we are ready to respond and support our customers should the weather cause any more damage to our network."

Powergrid engineers have been working to restore supplies affected by the weather.

National Powergrid has been asked for a response regarding Skegness' power surge but had not replied by the time of publishing.