VIDEO: Former Lord Byron pub could be bulldozed to make way for a Co-op

The Lord Byron pub on Plantation Hill in Kilton could be bulldozed and replaced by a new Co-op convenience store.

Lord Byron pub on Plantation Hill may be demolished

The plans were submitted to Bassetlaw Council last week and are currently under consideration.

The proposals have been met with mixed views from local residents, with many hoping the pub, which opened almost 50 years ago, will be saved.

“My Dad, who recently passed, played darts and dominoes for the Lord Byron many years ago, so I will be very sad to see it knocked down- why build a new shop when we have a Morrison’s just around the corner?” said Sarah Tamburrini.

Lord Byron pub on Plantation Hill may be demolished

“It’s a shame when a pub closes, and even worse when one is knocked down,” said Nick Smith.

“I have been in the Lord Byron a few times and enjoyed it- I hope the application gets turned down and someone else takes on the pub.”

“In my opinion it was the best pub in Worksop, with a fantastic team and pool table,” said Ryan Hewitt.

But some residents claim a new convenience store will be good for the local community due to a lack of shops in the Kilton area.

“ People in the area will appreciate the new store,” said Wayne Spooner.

Anyone wishing to comment on the application should do so in writing to the council’s head of planning services by 21st Feburary.