VIDEO: Harley Davidson cavalcade thunders into Doncaster

Harley Davidsons roared in to to Doncaster this morning for their Rolling Thunder event on Market Place.

Shoppers stopped and stared as the mighty machines sped in to town to live music from The Originals of Chesterfield blaring out ‘The Boys are back in Town’ to mark their arrival.

Around 70 Harleys gathered for the event organised by Malcolm Godfrey of the St Leger Chapter. Any donations made on the day will go to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance charity this year.

Rolling Thunder is one of several club activities that are arranged throughout the year.

Among the throng were Graham and Angela Roulstone of Burringham, who travel all over the world with their Harley. “Harleys are a way of life,” said Graham, 63. “We like to come to get-togethers like this though....there’s a great atmosphere.”

Bikers came from all over the north to join in, with a particularly good showing from Riverside Low riders from Hull.