Video: Homelessness in Worksop is on the rise, warn local charity

Hope Services in Worksop have responded to a report highlighting the poor health of homeless people across Notts, warning that homelessness is on the increase.

A ‘shocking’ report issued by housing association Framework states that the health of homeless people in Notts is at a dangerously low point.

According to the report, 74 per cent of homeless people in Notts had mental health symptoms, 38 per cent who were either taking drugs or recovering from a drug problem and 26 per cent had attended A&E in the last six months.

Hope Services, who provide accommodation for homeless people in Worksop and across Bassetlaw, have backed up the figures and say an increasing number of people are approaching them for help.

Alan Diggles, CEO of the company, said: “Our own statistics mirror this report.”

“Half the people who come to us have alcohol and drug issues.”

Homelessness is getting worse. From our point of view, we definitely have seen the demand for beds increase.”

“It has been exacerbated by the new benefits approach- decisions are taking longer, which means people are in a position where they haven’t got money to even buy food.”

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