VIDEO: Lincolnshire Police chief explains why he has called for a new logo for its cars and stations

Lincolnshire Police have today (Tuesday) launched new branding, including replacing the traditional badge on its cars and police stations with a new logo design.

The new Lincolnshire Police logo. EMN-170926-143650001

The force insists the new logo is not dismissive of its past. The helmet and cap badges and the badge on the police force’s flag will remain.

The force insists the new badging has been produced at no extra cost by its in-house Graphics and Publication Department and is designed to be: forward looking; promote a sustainable force; re-states its commitment to PRIDE; re-states traditions (by retaining helmet, cap and flag badges).

Chief Constable Bill Skelly has outlined why the Force has decided to take this step, explaining: “I’m a great believer in the heritage of the police service both nationally and locally.

The new Lincolnshire Police logo. EMN-170926-143650001

“In fact, for a number of years I’ve been a member of a trust which runs a police heritage society. I’m really keen that we make a connection with our past and I’ll be doing lots in the forthcoming months and years to develop ideas around our heritage here in Lincolnshire.

“I also believe passionately that we need to promote a positive and modern image to our public in the future. For those reasons I’m looking to change some of the images which we use in our public domain but also internally to the organisation.”

In a video he explains why he thinks it is important to make the changes to the branding at this time. He says that he has been here since February and has said many times how impressed he is with the force he is now privileged to lead. He says the force is operationally successful and, as has been said before, punches well above its weight in so many areas.

Over the next few months the new badging will start appearing on the notices at police stations, on police cars, its web site and correspondence.

The new Lincolnshire Police logo. EMN-170926-143650001

It will be a gradual introduction and for instance it will take six months to change the badges on the police cars and will be done as they are brought in for service or refurbishment.

The notices at the police stations will be changed as they are produced.

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