VIDEO: Newly re-elected MP for Sleaford and North Hykeham Caroline Johnson pledges to deliver on her promises

On a night when Conservatives have seen massive gains across the country from Labour seats, all seven constituencies in Lincolnshire have now turned blue and all Tory held seats have increased their majorities.

Sleaford and North Hykeham's Dr Caroline Johnson increased her majority by about two per cent (32, 565 votes) when she was re-elected with 44,683 votes ahead of Labour's Linda Edwards-Shea who slipped to 12,118 votes, a loss of around 5,000 votes for the party on two years ago.

Many of those votes were picked up by Liberal Democrat Oliver Craven who came third with 5,355 votes.

The three other candidates all look to have lost their deposits due to their low share of the vote.

Dr Caroline Johnson accepts the win in Sleaford and North Hykeham for the Tories.

In accepting the win as part of the Tory party's biggest national victory for decades, Dr Johnson she thanked her husband Nik and her eldest daughter who were there supporting her at the count in North Hykeham overnight and she thanked the people of the constituency for re-electing her.

She said: "I will be working extremely hard now to make sure I do all the things that I have promised that we would do. We will get Brexit done and deliver on the promises for the NHS and schools and improving infrastructure, locally delivering on ensuring our support of the armed forces and the community."

Having learned of her party's losses, including the eventual resignation of her leader Jeremy Corbyn, losing Labour candidate Linda Edwards-Shea thanked her husband for his support and her team, but commented: "It has been a very bad night for Labour and a very bad night for Labour her in Sleaford and North Hykeham, but it is a very bad night, I believe, for our constituents and I certainly hope that Caroline will come forward with solutions for the people of this constituency because we are in desperate need for infrastructure and for jobs."

Labour's Linda Edwards-Shea challenges Dr Caroline Johnson to bring forward solutions for infrastructure and jobs in the area.