VIDEO: Watch Bolsover ‘Beast’ Dennis laying into BBC during live interview

Firebrand MP Dennis Skinner hit out at the BBC during a live interview outside Westminster today.

Bolsover election count 2010 - Dennis Skinner

The outspoken long-serving Bolsover representative, known for his no-nonsense quips which earned him the title the Beast of Bolsover, was being quizzed by a reporter over Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet.

And showing he had not lost any of his charm, he interrupted the reporter as she addressed the camera at the end of the interview, warning her that she ‘did not work for Murdoch’.

Correspondent Emily Maitlis had been telling viewers that Labour stalwart Mr Skinner ‘has not been approached for a job by Jeremy Corbyn, and would not take a job by Jeremy Corbyn’, referring to the new shadow cabinet announced today.

And as she tried to continue, you can hear Mr Skinner saying: “That was an example of spinning, you are trying to imply that I have turned it down.”

Miss Maitlis tried to play it down by saying ‘that was a joke’, before Mr Skinner continued: “It’s time you got real, now you understood that you are not working for Murdoch, it’s the BBC, because you seem to be following the same pattern!”

The 83-year-old was then seen walking away being chased by a Beeb worker trying to retrieve the microphone that was still attached to his jacket.

Mr Skinner was referring to media mogul, Rupert Murdoch, who owns Sky and the Tory-supporting The Sun and The Times newspapers.