Village schools in Bassetlaw are 'at risk', says John Mann MP

John Mann is raising concerns regarding the consequences of the governments academisation programme and believes that village schools could be facing unacceptable risks.
John Mann MPJohn Mann MP
John Mann MP

Village schools in Langold and Ranby have both experienced major fires recently which saw the Nottinghamshire County Council stepping into the breach to get children back into education as quickly as possible.

The floods of 2007 hit the district hard, forcing a number of village schools in North Leverton, North Wheatley and Walkeringham to close and undergo a major repairs programme before they could re-open.

John Mann said: “The Government are speeding down the path of academisation, and I want to know who will be stepping into the breach when major disasters happen to our village schools?

“There are other issues that also need consideration, for example- what happens if there is a major collapse in pupil numbers because of demographics or a crisis where pupils leave the school?

“Action plans and responses need to be thought through now before it’s too late. I am urging schools to work to future proof themselves.”