Visit Mablethorpe for a gnome sweet gnome

Mablethorpe's North Promenade is being taken over by hundreds of garden gnomes after a business owner decided to provide a vacation hot-spot for them.

Mablethorpes North Promenade is beginning to be overrun by small garden gnomes - an added attraction to visit over the summer season.

Bobby Baldwin, who owns The Snack Shack on the North Promenade, said he’s getting at least five gnomes dropped off to him a day and now has a collection of over 100 different figures on display outside.

He said his project start about four weeks ago. When asked about why he decided to take in the gnome holidaymakers, he replied: ‘Well, why not?’

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What started off as a ‘spur of the moment thing’ has become the talk of the town with many residents visting the promenade to see the fascinating project.

Gnome man's land on Mablethorpe's North Promenade now has over 100 pieces.

“This area had been derelict for quite some time, so I thought I would clear it up to make it look nice,” Bobby explained.

“Then my grandad passed away and it became a nice memorial garden in his memory, and then I entered the area into In Bloom last year.”

Bobby added that the idea of filling the space with garden gnomes ‘just popped into his head one day’ and now he believes it could be a popular tourist attraction in the town as the busy summer season approaches.

Bobby and his partner Lucy, are taking in gnomes/figures in all conditions and are busy re-painting some of the older ones ready to be put out.

Gnome man's land on Mablethorpe's North Promenade now has over 100 pieces.

He has lovingly now called the area, ‘Gnome Man’s Land’ and is inviting anyone who has a garden gnome to drop it off - so they can have a permanent summer holiday.

“This is an added attraction and is a little something different for the promenade,” Bobby added.

“I’ve been getting around five new gnomes a day... it’s crazy.

“People who are coming on holiday here this summer have already got in touch to say they will be bringing some gnomes with them. This could end up being huge.”

*If your gnome wants a holiday, just drop them off outside The Snack Shack, where they will be taken in and looked after.