Volunteer drivers wanted in Misterton

Volunteer drivers are urgently wanted to help those needing transport by the Bassetlaw Community Car Scheme.

The scheme is funded by Notts County Council and NHS Bassetlaw and is for those who are unable to make the journey by public transport- or none is available.

A spokesman said: “All users must register with the scheme and become a member.”

“Annual or monthly membership is available.”

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For those needing a car for day rehabilitation, membership is free but is only for those whose journeys are booked directly through the Retford Primary Care Centre. Carers’ membership is free and is for those who need to accompany another member of the scheme.

All driving expenses are paid.

If you have access to a car and have some spare time, you can contact the Scheme Co-ordinator at Bassetlaw Action Centre on 01777 809650.

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