Warning after toxic palm oil found on Anderby Creek beach

Dog walkers are being warned to take extra care of their pets after toxic palm oil was found washed up on Anderby Creek beach.

Palm oil has been found on the beach between Anderby Creek and Moggs Eye. ANL-180321-090739001

The white and fatty vegetable oil is not harmful to humans, but can be dangerous for dogs should they ingest it.

On Monday, North East Linconshire Council tweeted a warning after the substance was found on Cleethorpes beach.

However, yesterday ‘lots of palm oil’ was spotted at Anderby Creek by a local rambler.

Caroline Smith posted on social media: “This morning first thing I took the boys (dogs) to the beach.

“Lots of palm oil washed up at Moggs Eye to Anderby Creek.

“It’s the first time I’ve ever seen the stuff. Thankfully, the dogs didn’t go near it all.”

Mablethorpe Coastguard were informed about the sighting and posted: “We were asked to locate some and bag some up so it can be sent away for testing and take photos,

“Four teams members were sent north and south and we ended up with half a bag full to be sent away for testing.

“Six crew in attendance and one making a nice cup off tea when we arrived back at the CRE.”

Advice regarding palm oil found on beaches can be found on the The Holidays4dogs website. It states: “Severe storms have resulted in toxic palm oil being washed up on Britain’s beaches which in recent months has caused severe illness, or even death, in dogs that have ingested the substance.

“Beach palm oil is a natural product used mainly in food processing and it can legally be released into the sea by ships.

“However, palm can be contaminated with fuel waste and other toxins and in solid form can be extremely harmful to dogs.

”Many vets who have dealt with cases of dogs being poisoned by palm oil advise owners to keep their dogs under close supervision, use a muzzle or even keep the dog away from beaches suspected of being contaminated with palm oil altogether.”

*If you see a coastal emergency dial 999 and ask for the coastguard.