Warning to motorists as UK faces another ‘weather bomb’

With forecasters predicting that the UK will be battered by the worst storm for two years later this week and the Met Office issuing snow warnings on ground over 100m as well as ice and sleet on lower levels, Halfords is advising drivers to carry some essential to prepare for the onslaught.

As thermometers are expected to plunge to -8oC (18F), Halfords’ has created a list of ‘sub-zero hero’ products designed to help motorists remain safe and mobile during the severe weather event.

Automotive Trading Director Dave Poulter said: “The phrase hope for the best, plan for the worst is extremely relevant to motorists – who often forget the planning part, leave things to chance and regret it later.

“Almost half of motorists (48%) are anxious or frightened about driving in poor weather conditions, so carrying a few essential items in the boot can help reduce anxiety and inspire greater confidence behind the wheel.”