WARNING: Two supermarkets recall rum over GLASS fragments

Bottles of white and dark rums sold in Adsa and Aldi may contain glass, the food watchdog has warned.
Product warningProduct warning
Product warning

Producer Glen Turner Co. Ltd who supplies the supermarket chains has recalled the 70cl bottles on a precautionary basis because the products may contain small fragments of glass.

Aldi’s Old Hopking brands and Asda’s own brand Carta Blanca Superior White Rum and Refined Dark Navy Rum while Asda’s Liberty Ship Superior Dark Rum and Superior White Rum are affected.

Asda said: “As a precautionary measure Asda are recalling 70cl bottles of dark rum and white rum.

“There is a small risk that a manufacturing defect, affecting a limited number of bottles, may lead to fragments of glass within those bottles.” It said those with affected products should return them to their nearest store for a full refund and no receipt is needed.

Glen Turner said a manufacturing defect in a limited number of bottles was said to be to blame.

The Food Standards Agency warned the rum could pose a possible health risk and urged anyone who had bought the alcohol not to drink it but to return it to the stores for a full refund.

The German discounter will also be refunding people with affected batch numbers.

The bottles affected are Asda’s Carta Blanca Superior White Rum with batch codes: L525756, L528656, Asda’s Refined Dark Navy Rum with batch codes: L525856, L531556,

Liberty Ship Superior Dark Rumwith batch codes: L531556, L525856 and Liberty Ship Superior White Rum with batch codes: L528656, L601156, L525756 Aldi’s Old Hopking Dark Rum with batch codes: L528656, L531456, L531556, L525856 and Old Hopking White Rum with batch codes: L531456, L525856, L525756, L528656 are also affected.

The Food Standards Agency said: “No other batch codes or products are known to be affected.

“Glen Turner Co. Ltd is recalling the above products.”

Point-of-sale recall notices will be displayed in Asda and Aldi stores selling these products.

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